The European Athletics Indoor Championships will start in 3,5 months in the Arena Toruń. This weekend, the representatives of the European Athletics came to Toruń to visit the venue and meet with the Local Organising Committee. Everyone points out that the city is very well prepared to host the European Indoor Championships. 

The visit in Toruń lasted almost 3 days. The delegation visited not only the Arena Toruń, but got familiar with the accomodation base. The European Athletics' authorities expressed the positive opinion on the state of preparations. Christian Milz, CEO European Athletics, emphasised that "Toruń is very well prepared to the championships. We can see the experience in organising big international events. I'm an optimist and fully believe that we will manage to run the European Indoor Championships in March". Unfortunately the current regulations don't allow us to have the spectators on the stands. The LOC hope that finally they can let the fans be part of this amazing championships.

- Of course, the worst option is that the stands will be empty. Our championships will be the first important and international competition since autumn 2019 and the World Championships in Doha. It makes the interest in competing in Toruń is really huge! It would be a shame if the fans could not experience these emotions directly in the Arena Toruń. Unfortunately, it doesn't depend on us, but I still keep the fingers crossed that the situation will be better in March and we can let the spectators inside the Arena Toruń. - concludes the CEO of the championships, Krzysztof Wolsztyński.
It's already known that the top athletes will compete in Toruń. We cannot say any particular names, but the amount of preliminary entries is really enormous. - It shows that the hunger of competing is huge, because practically everyone wants to appear in the Arena Toruń. - says the CEO of the championships.
The championships will be carry out in the strict sanitary regime, adapted to the current situation related to the threat of COVID-19. - We're doing our best to host the championships with the sanitary regulations since the outbreak of a pandemic. We talked a lot with the European Athletics about the security procedures, because we know it's the most imporant issue now. - summarizes Wolsztyński
36th European Indoor Championships will take place in the Arena Toruń on 4-7 March 2021.