Dear media representatives,
the accreditation procedure for European Athletics Indoor Championships is now open. In order to ensure the safe staging of the championships in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of on-site media will be reduced in order to comply with the prevailing health and safety protocols. 

Member Federations have received quotas for on-site media representatives and will be asked to carry out this section of the accreditation process
 and nominate their national representatives. Once nomination process is done, journalists and photographers will receive registration link to finalise their accreditation process. For any further information, please contact your relevant Member Federation.

The deadline to apply for media accreditation is Friday 5 February. 

Medical and sanitary protocol 
European Athletics continues to proceed with a thorough risk assessment and evaluation of the situation in coordination with the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and the national/local authorities to ensure that the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Torun/POL can take place in a safe environment. A medical clearance and sanitary protocol has been developed and in the attached Appendix you will find all the relevant information. We urge you to pay the highest attention to all procedures and rules included in this document. The health of all stakeholders is European Athletics’ utmost priority and every individual must contribute to it.

It is clear that the pandemic is not over and we will keep monitoring the situation with the assistance of the LOC and the national/local authorities, whom we thank for their continued support. Should the evolution of the pandemic require it, we will get back to you with updated information. However, at this stage, we would like to emphasise that being vaccinated will not exempt anyone from following the rules and procedures listed in the Medical and Sanitary Protocol.

Accredited media must perform one test to detect SARS CoV2 genetic material (RT-PCR) in a nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swab. The swab shall be collected 3-5 days before arrival to Torun (e.g. if arriving on 3 March, the RT-PCR test shall be conducted between 26-28 February 2021). The result must be negative, and the English analysis report will have to be uploaded into the Registration System before arrival in Torun. The results of serological blood tests or RT-LAMP will not be accepted as part of the Medical Clearance Protocol. 

Another coronavirus test will also be performed on arrival at the testing centre at the Arena Torun before media can collect their accreditation.

Remote media
Media representatives who are unable to travel to Torun are able to apply for remote media access via the links below.