Volunteers wanted! Join one of ourteams to support the European Athletics Indoor Championships, Toruń 2021!

Attaché Team– providing support to team members at all times, answering inquiries, and making sure everyone is at the right place in the right time. So if you are a sociable and open-minded person with a good command of English, this is a perfect team for you!

TechTeam– or the so called: Special Forces, responsible for making sure the organisation is flawless and everything is ship shape on the Arena and around the venue. If you are eager to learn more about the technicalities and other intricacies of the organisation of such an event, that’s the team for you!

  • Tech-support - volunteers supporting technical partners (good command of English essential)
  • Logistics-support – volunteers responsible for logistics on the grounds of the venue
  • Fan-support – volunteers responsible for allocating the spectators to their seats
  • Promo-support – volunteers promoting the event in the city and on the Arena
  • Info-support – volunteers responsible for providing information about the event throughout its course
Transport– team managing the vehicles allocation

Drivers – volunteers who want to drive (passenger cars) during the event.

Media– team supporting the Media Office. So if you are a sociable and open-minded person with a good command of English who wants to meet sports journalists and photographers, and explore the world of Media, join us!

Antidoping – this team makes sure all the anti-doping check-ups are performed according to the rules prescribed. If you are accurate, pay particular attention to details and have a watchful eye, this is a place for you!

Physiotherapists – this team shall comprise of therapists or students of physiotherapy. If you want to get some first-hand experience and learn the tricks of the job straight from sports therapist, join us!

Hotel– your job will be to ensure smooth flow of information between hotels and Home/Main Office.You will be answering any and all inquiries of the team coaches, managers, officials or athletes themselves regarding i.e. transport or accommodation issues. No worries, though, you don’t need to know it all! Just stay in touch with your coordinators, who will be there to support you. Your duties will also include:
  • posting current information on the information board,
  • coordination of the teams’ transport from the hotel to the venue,
  • answering questions regarding the event (EAIC)
Airport – this team will be responsible for coordinating flights and transport from/to the airports of team members, delegates/VIPs, and coaches. Their task will be to inform the hotels of the approximate time of arrival of their guests, possible delays, and other issues.

VIPs – it is a small group of volunteers whose job will be to accompany the delegates running the event. Due to high responsibility of the tasks assigned their English skills have to be fluent.

Accreditation – this team will be responsible for preparing (printing out and laminating) and dispatching name tags and badges for the athletes, coaches, delegates, VIPs, journalists, volunteers and staff members, so basically for all those engaged in the EAIC. Apart from that they will prepare and dispatch the welcome bags to everyone.

Marketing – this team will support the implementation of all marketing activities and close cooperation with the European Athleticsstaff, therefore good command of English is essential.

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